Angry Chicken

10.4K plays • 23/01/2018

83% rating • 37 votes

Angry Chickens is a multiplayer game with a gameplay that we have seen before, is the classic but with chickens, a dynamic and fun game to have a good time trying to be the longest possible.

How to play

The goal is the same as always, to be the biggest of the game, in this case by eating eggs that we find on the map, which technically I do not know if it is cannibalism, but it does not matter, by going eating the eggs they will go adding more chicks to your row of chicks, getting bigger and getting more mass that will position you higher than the other players. We can use a skill which will give us more speed for a few seconds, but when you use it you will lose chicks, so use it sparingly.


Mouse - move

Left click - speed boost

angry chicken
angry chicken


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