2.4K plays • 14/05/2020

88% rating • 9 votes is a shark io game, move across the ocean hunting other sharks and survive to become the king of the seas

How to play

The game is simple but fun at the same time, hunt the sharks smaller than yours and flee from the bigger ones so as not to become their prey. Eat the gems that are scattered throughout the ocean to grow your size, you can use the speed boost but the gems are consumed and your shark will shrink.

You can push sharks of the same size to throw them toward the larger sharks. Sharks that pose a danger to you will have a red triangle underneath. To be able to eat a smaller shark you have to have 50% more mass than him.

You can also personalize your shark with different colors and objects, such as patches, hats, glasses, etc.


Mouse - move

Left click / Space - use extra boost
baby shark io
babyshark io


Free For All
3D graphics
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