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66% rating • 3 votes is an io game where you control a small bird and your challenge is to cross the colored rings that are on the map, the most challenging of this game is to control your bird, because the only thing you can control are your wings individually!

How to play

Choose first who you are going to play with, you can play alone, with a friend, or with strangers, then when the game starts your goal will be to go through the colored rings until they complete all and end the game.

The red rings are the hoops that you will have to cross later, the greens are the ones you have already crossed, the blue one is the one that you have to cross at that moment, and finally the yellow hoop is the last hoop to finish the game .

The most challenging part of this game is how to control the bird, since the only thing you control are its wings individually, keep in mind that if you move only one wing your bird will turn in the opposite direction.


F - control to the left

J - control wing right
bird game io
birdgame io


3D graphics
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