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66% rating • 12 votes is an io game of bombs, attack the other players throwing bombs, defend yourself from the other players hitting the bombs when they are thrown at you, break the stones to obtain nuclei and improve your skills. This game uses 3D graphics and is very fun to play with friends.

How to play

Your goal is to get the crown of the best player of the game, to get it you have to be the player with the most points. To get points you have to kill other players by throwing bombs, and to defend yourself from the bombs that are thrown at you, you have to return them before they explode by pressing the right mouse button.

Move through the sand and destroy the stones that you see with your bombs, to obtain the nuclei that are inside. The cores will help you buy improvements for your character.

The improvements are:

Pumps - the number of pumps to throw

Explosion radius

Speed ​​of movement

Pump recharge - time to recharge a new pump

Keep in mind to use the shields that are in the map, it is useful to avoid enemy surprises.

bombz io


Free For All
3D graphics
Agario Style
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