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85% rating • 7 votes is a io game where you will have to crash the other players to take them alive and kill them, do not worry if there is no one connected, there will always be bots waiting to play with you, try this simple game, perfect for small spaces of time where You do not know what to play.

How to play

Use the A and D keys to rotate your ball, then use W or S to move forward or backward, the controls give the illusion that it is a car, but it is basically a ball, if you want to imagine that it is a car you do not let's say do not do it, you're free to think what you want! Returning to the subject, the goal is to kill the other players or the bots, and to kill them you have to hit them to get them alive, but be careful because you will also lose life in the process, leaving you vulnerable to being killed.

When you kill players or bots you will get points that will position you higher in the leaders table, and you will also grow and be bigger than the others,


AD - turn

WS - move forward or backward
bump io


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