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80% rating • 5 votes is an io game of shooting, you can play in its two available game modes, one of them is survival mode or as it is known lately the Battle Royale mode, where the last player on foot wins the game. Or you can play the classic game mode by rounds where 2 teams face or play all against all.

How to play

First of all choose the game mode you want to play, the Battle Royale game mode is the best known, and the goal is the same as in all games of that style, the last live player of the game wins, while the map It is shrinking every 40 seconds forcing players to be among them.

We start the game with a simple gun but breaking the boxes that you find you can acquire other more powerful weapons, such as sub-machine guns, machine guns, snipers, grenades, shields, etc. You can also find kits to regenerate your available life.

The other game mode that honors the classic Counter Strike, is the game mode by rounds of two teams, or all against all, where you start with an amount of money and you can earn money according to the number of enemy casualties you provoke, which Then you can use to buy all kinds of weapons, shields, etc.


WASD - move

Left click - shoot

Right click - move or pick up objects

R - recharge

E - next weapon

Q - previous weapon

F - pick up object

X - release weapon

V - shoot

G - use lenses

B - buy weapons and equipment

Space - zoom or shield

Escape - remove game
counter stroke io
counterstroke io


Free For All
Battle Royale
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