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74% rating • 126 votes is a new survival io game created by the same developers of, I think that if we only look at the name we can realize :). In this new game we are in the sea surrounded by islands and resources that will help us survive in our rafts.

How to play

You will start the game on a raft with an oar, a rope, wood, scrap metal, and a full glass of water. You can see it in the lower part of the screen where the items you have appear, and your state of nutrition and hydration, which you must take care of so that they do not go down and lose life until you die.

Also on the left side of the screen you can find another menu, with the things you can build with the resources you currently have.

You have already realized that the objective of the game is to survive, and not only do you need to look for food and water, you will also have to survive from the other players who will kill you if necessary to get your resources. For which you will also have to craftear arms to defend yourself, or attack :).

To get food there are several different means, the simplest thing at first is to get fish, and to fish you will need a fishing net, which like any man surviving, you will have to discover how to make it, although we give you a clue, you will need rope! When you have your fish you can eat it directly, although it would yield much more if you cook it on a grill. In a similar way to get water or create weapons, or to enlarge your raft, you will have to dedicate yourself to obtaining resources and crafting. For more information we recommend you to enter the Reddit of the game.


WASD - move

Left click - grab item or make an action

Enter - chat
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