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50% rating • 6 votes is an io shooting game, drive your ship in stealth hidden among other ships so that they do not detect you and destroy the enemy ships

How to play

Start the game by hiding among the other ships, at first you have 10 bullets, you have to use them very carefully because when firing this it will reveal your position on the map and it takes a few seconds to reload the bullets. You have to destroy the ships of the other players, you can suspect some of the ships that move on the map. Every 30 seconds the position of real players will be revealed in addition to 3 decoys.

From time to time power-ups and events appear randomly on the map, among them you have: Teleportation, Decoy, Blackout, Combat Power, Stealth Power, etc.


Left click - move

Right click / Q - shoot

Space - activate power-ups
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