9.5K plays • 13/04/2020

66% rating • 24 votes is an Agario-style io game, a very fun game where you compete against many other players in a game that will test your tactical skills

How to play

Start the game as a small cell and you must absorb the other cells that are generated randomly on the map, you can also absorb the other players as long as they are smaller than your cell, if we are not bigger than your cell they will absorb you to you and you will lose the game with your progress. Use different strategies to attack the largest cells, you can divide in case of danger or to reach other cells that move faster than you.

You have different game modes to try - FFA, Big FFA, MegaSplit and Instant


Mouse - direction of movement

Space - divide

Enter - chat
trick split io
tricksplit io


Free For All
Agario Style
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