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62% rating • 37 votes is an io game to build your own army of insects, you control a small ant that will be the commander of the army, collect leftovers of food that are on the map to add more insects like: jumps mounts, ants, worms, one hundred feet, etc.

How to play

The game mode is very similar to the game Lordz, you have to collect food that is on the map to get a new insect, in the upper left corner of the screen you can see how much food and soldiers you have.

To get food press left mouse button or keyboard CTRL button so that your insects automatically go to the nearest targets and collect food.

To add units to your army, select a unit from the menu that is at the bottom of the screen, each unit has its own level of attack and cost in food, you can also select them with the corresponding number buttons.

When you find yourself against another insect army press the same key that you press to collect food and your insects will attack automatically. On the map you can find different boss insects with different levels, if you can beat them try to kill them to add them to your unit menu, and then create units of that type.


WASD - move

Mouse / CTRL - attack / gather food
ant zer space
antzer space


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