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60% rating • 5 votes is a turn table io game, based on the popular board game Settlers of Catan, use your settler to build a civilization and expand your territory.

How to play

Building settlements increases your production and victory points, but makes you a target for other players. Extremely simple rules with a tremendously deep game. It combines strategy, planning, cunning and the ability to negotiate to win. The base game is 4 players and the first player to reach the point of 10 wins.

Produce resources

The construction of settlements and cities produce resources. Resources occur when any player makes a dice roll. Whoever has a settlement or a city on the edge of the number of dice will receive the resource shown in the mosaic. Settlements produce 1 resource, cities produce 2 resources. 

Rolling 7 and thief

When a player rolls a 7, he can place the thief on any chip he wishes and draw 1 random card from any of the colors adjacent to that chip. The thief avoids obtaining resources from the mosaic he is in.

The use of resources

Resources could be used in 5 ways:

Build road: wood and brick

Build settlement: wood, brick, wool, grain

Build city: Grainx2, Orex3

Buy development card: Wool, Grain, Ore

Exchange with other players

Development cards

Knight: Place the thief on any token and draw 1 card from an adjacent token.

Year of plenty: take 2 cards you want from the bank.

Road construction: build 2 roads.

Monopoly: draw all instances of a single type of card from each player.

Victory Point: Earn 1 Victory Point.


Bank: by default, you can give 4 of the same type of card to get 1 of any other type.

Bank with ports: if you have a settlement or city near a port, automatically use that specialty ports. If you have 3: 1, it means you can exchange 3 of the same type of card to get 1 of any other type. If you have 2: 1, you can exchange 2 of the corresponding type to get 1 from any other card.

Longest road

The player with the longest consecutive path wins 2 victory points. You need to place a minimum of 5 consecutive paths to get this bonus.

Largest army

The player who uses the most Knight cards wins 2 victory points. A minimum of 3 Knight cards are needed to get this bonus.


Clearance: 1 point

City: 2 points

The longest path: 2 points

Largest Army: 2 points

Victory Point Development Cards: 1 point

Win the game with 10 points.


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